Intelligent action recommendations

Intelligent recommendations for action for sales representatives — a new reality in sales.

According to a report from the “Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center for Retail”, "automated ordering processes are leading to the transformation of the field sales force to a comprehensive customer advisory center."

With the help of our AI service Cusaas, your sales representatives will develop into highly qualified customer advisors since they will know each of their customers inside out:

  • They have an overview of customer purchases, favorite products and categories.

  • They know the customer's behavioral profile, including key KPIs such as life stage (Active/Dormant/Churn), predictive CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), RFM (Recency/Frequency/Monetary) value, Next Order Date etc.

  • They know when and which product categories/products to recommend.

  • They don't miss the moment when a customer falls asleep and wants to churn

... and much more.

The customer overview

This way you increase the efficiency of your sales force, reduce process costs and gain a strong competitive edge.

Wondering how quickly this can be implemented, or how expensive it is? Our products are all quick to implement and, moreover, affordable: no hidden consulting costs, but an "out-of-the-box" service for direct application.