Customer Segmentation
as a Service
Supercharge Your Digital Customer Leadership with AI-Powered Assistance
Unlock the potential of data and generative AI to elevate customer experiences through intelligent personal recommendations.
Do you want to better understand and serve your customers?
Cusaas facilitates transparency with advanced customer behaviour analytics
With the help of individual recommendations, it fosters customer engagement, elevating the effectiveness of omnichannel marketing campaigns and customer service communication.
Let’s meet Cusaas
Cusaas leverages historical customer order data to create predictive behavioral profiles and craft personalized messages, whether for individual customers or groups.
In-Store Customer Experience
Supermarket customers receive personalized advertising messages, carefully crafted for distinct customer groups.
How it works
Our platform is built on a user-friendly low-code analytical system and fine-tuned generative AI, driven by large language models. This combination provides business users with self-service customization capabilities, while the advanced AI models guarantee accuracy and efficiency in delivering personalized customer communications.
In three steps, transition from setting the scene to providing intelligent daily care for your customers.
Phase 1
Settings the scene
What can Cusaas do in your specific case?
  • Business Case and Benefits
  • Data Sources and IT Systems
  • Workshop
Phase 2
Integration project
Crafting a tailor-made integration
  • Initial data from client
  • Import and validate data
  • Workshop: quality check and filtering
  • Execute and check Cusaas
  • Execute and check visualizations
  • Workshop: check functionality, business rules & visualizations
Phase 3
Monthly Subscription
Pay as you go
Everyday Use with Cusaas Monthly
  • Automated integration of client data (daily/weekly)
  • Scheduling of Cusaas executions
  • Preparation and validation of infrastructure for automated Cusaas operations
Business scenario for Cusaas
Cusaas is working on client data
Cusaas is working automatically
Whether you are a leading retail enterprise or a small coffee shop, we analyse your customer base rapidly and effectively. Look at the selected case studies.
November 8, 2022
Big Regional FMCG Retailer
An enterprise solution for segmentation, recommendations & customer clustering.
case study
October 4, 2022
Wine shop leader
Automated tracking of the customer base and marketing campaigns, product recommendations in web shop with the the help of Cusaas solution.
case study
September 20, 2022
Customer segmentation to find active and dormant customers from Shopify, create individual recommendations for all customer categories and to automate their marketing campaigns.
case study
The Churn Predictor.
Churn prediction App for E-Commerce success.
Protect your business from customer churn with an intelligent predictor that identifies at-risk customers early, allowing you to take action and retain them.
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