Customer Segmentation
as a Service
Boost your digital customer leadership
Leverage the power of data to improve customer experience across the whole lifecycle
Do you want to understand your customers better?
Cusaas facilitates transparency through continuous customer journey monitoring
With the help of individual recommendations for actions, it fosters customer engagement and increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
How it works?
Cusaas takes the historical data about customer orders, builds predictive behavioural profiles for all customers, and provides personalised recommendations for action. It's powered by a low-code AI platform, which enables rapid prototyping and self-service customisation by business users.
Enterprise Integration
Cusaas is a pure web & cloud-based service. The background technology enables seamless integration into any system landscape. ETL and ELT processes, data pipelines, integration with data lakes and customer data platforms, data validation and quality monitoring are natively supported.
Whether you are a leading retail enterprise or a small coffee shop, we analyse your customer base rapidly and effectively. Look at the selected case studies.
November 8, 2022
Big Regional FMCG Retailer
An enterprise solution for segmentation, recommendations & customer clustering.
case study
October 4, 2022
Wine shop leader
Automated tracking of the customer base and marketing campaigns, product recommendations in web shop with the the help of Cusaas solution.
case study
September 20, 2022
Customer segmentation to find active and dormant customers from Shopify, create individual recommendations for all customer categories and to automate their marketing campaigns.
case study
System Integration & Automation
ERP, CRM, E-Commerce, Marketing
Import and export interfaces to all kinds of modern enterprise systems (Rest & Web)
Low-Code Customization
Self-Service Analytics, Predictive Analytics
Visual builder for the complete analytical process: from data pipelining to machine learning
Customer Journey Map
Process Mining
Discovery, performance and conformance checking of the customer journeys
Customer Data Platform
Cloud-based data lake, metadata management and data governance for customer data
Customer segmentation articles, training materials, presentations. The most interesting information about advanced customer analytics.
May 19, 2023
Data collection for analysis
What steps are necessary to get the right amount of qualitative data for analysis?
March 24, 2023
Now available in the Shopware store!
March 9, 2023
Clustering algorithms in the service of Data Mining
This article provides insight into recent advances in developing effective approaches to clustering data.
The Churn Predictor.
Churn prediction App for E-Commerce success.
Protect your business from customer churn with an intelligent predictor that identifies at-risk customers early, allowing you to take action and retain them.
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