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8. November 2022
Big Regional FMCG Retailer
An enterprise solution for segmentation, recommendations & customer clustering.
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4. Oktober 2022
Wine shop leader
Automated tracking of the customer base and marketing campaigns, product recommendations in web shop with the the help of Cusaas solution.
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20. September 2022
Customer segmentation to find active and dormant customers from Shopify, create individual recommendations for all customer categories and to automate their marketing campaigns.
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8. September 2022
Political book store
Customer segmentation and effective reactivation of churns and dormants for a political book store.
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7. September 2022
Top tour operator
An individual enterprise solution for customer lifecycle, CLV and RFM-analysis for German tour operator for better segmentation and base scoring.
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5. September 2022
Vegan products champion
Customer segmentation and automated activation campaigns for transparency about customer base, product recommendations, churn prediction helped retail to know their customers better.
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