Data preparation
for business analysts
We help you manage your data effectively without the need for IT resources, from extracting, cleaning, performing quality checks, to transforming it
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Analysts spend up to 80% of their time on routine tasks, such as collecting, cleaning, and linking data.

But decision-makers require timely, concrete business insights.

  • sap
  • shopify
  • excel
  • salesforce
  • offline store

Moreover, business analysts often encounter challenges such as multiple integrations from a variety of data sources.

  • Orders from e-commerce system
  • Orders from offline store
  • Customers data from CRM
  • Finance data from SAP

We address data integration and preparation issues in a user-friendly, customizable manner, saving analysts both time and stress.

Data extraction
We provide integration into any system landscape, including the creation of ETL/ELT processes, data pipelines, data lakes and customer data platforms, and perform data validation and quality monitoring.
Major enterprise solutions
SAP Salesforce Oracle
Magento Shopware Shopify
ADS system
LinkedIn Facebook Google Ads
Database solutions
Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Postgresql
Cloud service
Google Cloud Microsoft Azure Amazon Web-services
Files Web-services Data Warehouse
Data quality
We adhere to all criteria for data quality
Uniform information across different sets of linked data
Preservation of the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle
Correspondence of the data content to the modeled area
Data processing according to standards, specific industries or business processes
No systematic errors
in the data sets
Sufficient volume, depth and breadth of data sets

With our assistance, analysts can focus on data analysis rather than preparation and integration, enabling them to provide timely insights.

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How data preparation works
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