The Churn predictor.
The Churn prediction app for e-commerce The Churn prediction app for e-commerce
Ai-driven Churn Prediction app for e-commerce.
Don't wait until it's too late
to address customer churn
Use Chupper to stay ahead of the game and keep your customer base strong and profitable.
Try Chupper today and see the difference it can make for your business.
Chupper's advanced algorithms automatically analyze customer behavior using order data to identify signs of potential churn. It creates two customer segments:
customers at risk of churn
active customers with buying potential
Churn prediction application for e-commerce Churn prediction application for e-commerce
Daily monitoring of customers’ lifecycle
Tracking of customers with churn risk and active customers
One-click export of customers segments
Rapid export of customer segments as CSV, XLS
Simple customization and extensions
Customer segmentation > 50 KPI + product recommendations are available on demand
Saveguard your business
Keep your customers happy and stay ahead of competition
With Chupper, you can easily track and download customer segments, giving you the information you need to take proactive steps to address issues, offer targeted promotions, and provide exceptional service to keep your customers happy and loyal. These valuable customer insights provide you with the opportunity to create more effective marketing campaigns while embracing personalization.
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