Big Regional FMCG Retailer

Retail/FMCG, Tea, Food | 11,5 Tsd. employees | >500 Tsd. customers | North Germany | >1 Mrd. € annual turnover | More than 100 years history

An enterprise solution for segmentation, recommendations & customer clustering.

Initial situation

  • 991 Tsd. transactions
  • 311 Tsd. customers
  • Online Stores, Wholesale Stores
  • Proprietary ERP and Web shops, CRM, demand/replenishment automation

Challenges and Problems

  • Global change in the IT Strategy, focus on data-driven AI solutions
  • Introduction of customer loyalty program
  • Priority 1: Customer segmentation
  • Priority 2: Personal product recommendations using E-Mail and Market App (real-time)


  • Collected the transactional data from DWH
  • Collected product data from databases
  • Collected customer data from CRM
  • Rolled out enterprise solution for segmentation, recommendations & customer clustering


  • 67% are churn 1-timers: planned new activation campaign
  • Created wake-up campaign with recommendations for important dormants
  • Identified 26 significant customer clusters
  • For cluster ”champions”, AOV was increased from 69€ to 87€

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